Wednesday, 27 January 2010

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To access Datascape:

Log on to Second Life, then:


  • Click on Search
  • Click on the Places tab
  • Enter “Datascape” in the search box
  • Click on Search
  • Click on the Datascape listing that appears
  • Click on the blue Teleport button bottom right, below the picture
  • You will then be teleported to Datascape on Daden Prime


  • Click on this SLURL (Second Life URL) to Datascape
  • The web site will open in your browser. Click on the orange “Teleport Now” button the the large call-out graphic
  • Switch back to Second Life
  • You will be offered a Teleport to Datascape. Click on the teleport button
  • You will then be teleported to Datascape on Daden Prime

Once at Datascape make sure you have pressed “play” on the Second Life media controls ( a small white VCR triangular “play” button above the large blue “minimap” button at the bottom right of your screen). You should see a large map (probably of the whole-earth) in the centre of the floor.

Touch the FVWC Challenge logo on the information point in front of you for a specific brief on Datascape. You may then like to press the Haiti information point for a specific example of how Datascape could be used, or touch any of the panels on the control podiums around the edge of the room.

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