Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Datascape - 3D and Geospatial Information Visualisation

Datascape is a data visualisation space for Second Life.

It is designed to help geographically dispersed teams view, assess and analyse information and data of different media types, particularly where that information has a geographic component. The core is a 20m floor map. This can use Google Maps or similar to zoom from whole-earth to 2m resolution (or higher) satellite imagery. RSS, Flickr, Twitter and other datafeeds can be shown on screens and plotted on the map; touching their markers opening their links to the web. Real-time data can be brought in, for instance to track the movement of aircraft or vehicles. Around the map supporting displays can be used to show video, infographics and slides, or national and international Alert states. Datascape can be used within a variety of different government contexts from city planning, through environment and transportation to battle-space and disaster management.

There is more information at, and access details, videos and images are below.

Location Details

To access Datascape:

Log on to Second Life, then:


  • Click on Search
  • Click on the Places tab
  • Enter “Datascape” in the search box
  • Click on Search
  • Click on the Datascape listing that appears
  • Click on the blue Teleport button bottom right, below the picture
  • You will then be teleported to Datascape on Daden Prime


  • Click on this SLURL (Second Life URL) to Datascape
  • The web site will open in your browser. Click on the orange “Teleport Now” button the the large call-out graphic
  • Switch back to Second Life
  • You will be offered a Teleport to Datascape. Click on the teleport button
  • You will then be teleported to Datascape on Daden Prime

Once at Datascape make sure you have pressed “play” on the Second Life media controls ( a small white VCR triangular “play” button above the large blue “minimap” button at the bottom right of your screen). You should see a large map (probably of the whole-earth) in the centre of the floor.

Touch the FVWC Challenge logo on the information point in front of you for a specific brief on Datascape. You may then like to press the Haiti information point for a specific example of how Datascape could be used, or touch any of the panels on the control podiums around the edge of the room.

Other Information, Images and Videos


Links to videos featuring versions of Datascape:

Live webcam of LAX runway running in Datascape

Live FAA radar derived location and type data for air traffic over LAX

NOAA Earth Sensing data (sea temperature) brought in daily from Earth Today website